Mini Challenge 2

Introducing  “The BookBridge “. 

Problem Statement : 

Books once read just take up shelf space. It is not economical to keep buying new books and also uses a lot of paper which is harmful to the environment.

Solution :

The BookBridge is a device connected to an app on the device’s surface where users list out books they want to give away and books they want to exchange.

When a user (say Steve) in need of a book fires a search for the book he wants, he is connected to another user (say Riya) that has the book he wants.

If that book is listed under Riya’s give away list, Riya who has the book drops it in her machine and sends it to Steve, who wants the book.

If that book is listed under Riya’s exchange list, Riya will get a notification saying that Steve wants that book of her. Then Riya gets a pop up of Steve’s booklist and she gets to select what book she is willing to exchange hers with. Only when both, Steve and Riya drop their books into their magic machines, the two will be exchanged.


Things we like :

  • Saves Paper
  • Saves Time
  • Saves money spent on buying books
  • One time investment
  • Useful in emergencies
  • No geographical barriers


Things we dislike :

  • No check of authenticity of books
  • Each user has to have a BookBridge machine
  • Not useful for illiterate people


Things that could contribute to our solution:

  • Connecting people across geographical barriers
  • Encourages reading through technology without continuous expenditure




DSC_0047User Library








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