Mini Challenge 3

Frame 1: Mr. Steve is a middle aged man in his mid 40’s. On a regular weekend, Mr. Steve gets a notification telling him that it is his turn to plant seeds on the society rooftop garden.

Frame 2: Mr. Steve meets his neighbours Mrs. Riya and Mr. Rahul, who also recieved notifications that it was their turn to tend to the garden.

Frame 3: After a few days, Mr. Steve is watering fully grown plants.

Frame 4: The residents of the society are enjoying their meal made using their self grown vegetables.


Brief Description of Interface

The design concept is a system design that facilitates the creation of a rooftop garden in an apartment building, where all the residents contribute to the farming of vegetables that they then equally share amongst themselves. The system focuses on getting neighbors to work together for mutual benefit while connecting them better through the activity of semi intensive farming. The system uses rotation of tasks to ensure that everyone contributes equally. They also help protect the environment while doing the same.

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